Square Dancing Program Offered


Rim country residents looking for a gateway to getting in shape, meeting new people and having new kinds of fun are invited to participate in the Zane Grey Twirlers' introduction to square dance program.

The square dance club offers an introductory program Wednesdays at the Senior Circle, 215 N. Beeline. Experienced dancers practice from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and then help novice dancers from 7:30 p.m. until 8:45 p.m.

The caller for the program is Bob Jones of Surprise.

The first introductory class is free. No experience is required. Partners are optional and no special clothing or shoes are required.

"If you haven't danced before, you might be asking how do you do it," said Ken Caldwell, one of the program's coordinators. Square dancers are grouped in sets of four couples, called a square. Once the music begins, the caller prompts the dancers through various movements that feature a smooth, shuffling walk.

"If you can walk to music, you can learn to square dance," Caldwell said. "New dancers

usually are surprised at what a wonderful way this is to get some extra exercise, enjoy a wide variety of music, meet new people and develop lifelong friendships, all while having fun."

Square dancing improves balance, flexibility, coordination, agility, boosts endurance and strengthens the back and legs, he said. "Any or all of which might happen. But the absolute truth is it's fun, fun and more fun."

What's more, the program will be free through March and April.

And if you have a little nomad in you, the dancers frequently travel to other areas for special events. For instance, this weekend, members of the Zane Grey Twirlers will be going to Phoenix Feb. 18 for the "Fiesta of Friends Jamboree."

For more information, call Ken Caldwell at (928) 472-4371.

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