Henley Not Swayed By Special Interest



On Feb. 7, I sat amongst a packed house to listen to the mayoral and council candidates. In my opinion, of all of the council candidates, Robert Henley made the most thoughtful and factual presentation of platform and issues. He alone had a full command of the facts, from the water issues down to the fact that impact fees are not charged on resale houses.

While Robert and I are friends, we often do not agree. About eighteen months ago, I wanted to rezone a piece of horse property, which was platted for five lots. I wanted nine lots. Despite Planning and Zoning approval, when the issue got to Town Council, Robert spoke against our case, citing the attending water issues. The zoning request failed, largely on his comments. We proceeded with the development in compliance with the existing zoning, but Robert's position cost us a substantial amount of profitability. While that hurt us economically, in the final analysis, Robert was correct in his strict adherence to the water plan that the Town had adopted and the voters had ratified.

I think that points out three traits that all voters should respect about Robert Henley. First, he does his research and makes his decisions based on the facts, not fiction. Often those decisions are unpopular, but he is not a populist. Second, Robert is not swayed by personal interests or special interests. He is not influenced by friends or acquaintances. He votes what he believes serves the best interest of all of Payson and its citizens. Finally, he is unfailingly honest. If only we could see that trait in more of our politicians -- local, state and federal.

Stephen Drury, Payson

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