In Defense Of Mayoral Candidate Bob Edwards



The people of Payson are tired of the dirty smear campaign tactics that have gone on in this mayoral and council campaign. Bob Edwards has remained above that fray, and he refuses to respond to the serious, but false, allegations printed in the Payson Roundup letter to the editor section by Don Crowley.

As Bob's campaign manager, I was shocked to see Don Crowley (a financial supporter of the Brewer-Henley team) join in the smear effort in a letter to the editor.

His letter doesn't really deserve an answer, but because of the serious nature of the accusations I feel it is necessary that the public understand the truth about Bob Edwards.

  • There is no 27-year gap in Bob's life. Bob was an engineer for GM from '62 to '71, a Michigan Legislator from '71 to '76 and a Realtor from 1977 to today. In 1991 the Michigan governor appointed him interim manager of the State Fair and Director of the Michigan Employment Security Commission (MESC). There is no gap.
  • Anyone who knows Bob knows that he is not guarded about anything. If anything, he is too open.
  • Unexplained court cases? Bob was in management real estate, and not all tenants pay their rent. Sometimes it became necessary that he turn to the courts to collect the rent.
  • When false allegations were made, Bob himself asked for an investigation and all charges were proven false. Read the Roundup for the facts.
  • Allegation that Bob's business was ordered to pay $157,000 is totally false. Bob's company was never ordered to pay anything.
  • Bob invites any questions, and answers them fully every day. Bob never avoids any question.

Don Crowley asked for answers. He got the answers. Can Don handle the truth?

During this campaign, as the campaign manager for Bob Edwards, I have seen Bob Edwards act with the highest integrity, poise and professionalism. The smears have been prompted by people like Don Crowley who want nothing better than to have their candidates elected, and will stop at nothing to do it. One has to wonder, what's in it for them? It sure seems to me that it's more than just getting their favorite candidates elected.

Leon Keddington, Payson

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