Ballots Should Not Be Opened Before Election Day



I have not yet filled out my ballot for the Payson elections. I am very uncomfortable in any election in which there is no public accountability for the processing of the ballots.

Why must the ballots be opened prior to Election Day? The excuse given is that the ballots could not possibly be opened and counted on Election Day. I believe it is completely irresponsible to have town employees, whomever they are, charged with the responsibility of handling the election ballots.

What is wrong with having a diverse committee of citizens, in a public place, open the ballots and process them on Election Day? And, if ballots were not opened prior to Election Day, they could be much more securely handled, since it would not be obvious what the ballot said, prior to Election Day. This would provide much less opportunity for election fraud.

I hope whomever loses the election has the courage to file a lawsuit. Perhaps the courts could determine what would be a safe and secure process for the ballots from the time they are received, up to and including when they are actually opened and counted.

Having been involved in the political process over many years in the past, from a precinct committeeman to the management of a gubernatorial campaign, I am very familiar with the forces out there that would be tempted in any situation, lending this process to corruption.

If this same process were to be followed in a county or state (or even national) political election, involving both political parties, you can be assured there would be checks and balances in place, instead of this irresponsible process being followed by the Town of Payson.

Bob Morgan, Payson

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