Campaign Signs Disappearing, Being Moved



First, I would like to thank the Payson Roundup for printing my letter. I have enjoyed the professional journalism covering this election season. Second, I want to thank everyone who has come up to me at different functions, at our local stores and when we all have found the good yard sale. The words of encouragement that I have received from everyone are very heartfelt, and I promise to all of you that I will continue being the person that I am and I will maintain my beliefs and views.

I have tried to be frugal in my campaign. I have not sought campaign contributions/donations from anyone, nor will I. I felt that staying within a budget that I set for myself would also show that I can be very frugal with the taxpayer's money when I am elected to the council.

I purchased 200 campaign signs and placed them in areas of high visual traffic, or where there were other candidate signs. I did not place them in neighborhoods unless I was asked to do so by a homeowner.

I did not want to have these signs detract from the look of the neighborhoods.

During this campaign, I have lost about 35 campaign signs. That equates to around $100. When I talked with Chief Gartner he said this happens every election year, and that it was more than likely high school kids. At first, I thought he was right.

Lately, I think that he is wrong.

I also do not believe that another candidate is directly involved. I do believe that supporters of some candidates believe that their candidate is the best choice and are trying to help them by removing other signs so their candidate's sign is the only one showing. This only implicates that candidate in the theft of the signs or the knocking down of other candidates' signs.

I would ask everyone, that if you see one of my campaign signs in a location where you feel it does not belong, please call me at 928-238-0025 and I will remove it.

I would rather remove the sign than lose it. If I did not have to put up campaign signs to be elected, I would not. It is a necessary evil during a campaign.

Charlie Smith, Payson

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