Enemies Of The Constitution Are In Washington, D.C.



We hear a great deal about enemies these days.

Don't criticize the war, or you'll embolden the enemy. The enemy is clever and cruel. Stick with the White House and we'll defeat the enemy.

Since the Bush administration no longer likes to mention the name Osama bin "Stayin' Alive" Laden in public, any specific definition of an enemy changes with the moment.

Sometimes, the enemy is in Iraq, and we fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here.

Sometimes, the enemy is in Iran, allegedly toiling with all its collective might to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Sometimes, the enemy is in Palestine, where Hamas used George W. Bush's exported democracy to take over the government.

Sometimes, the enemy is an American face on a television offering criticism of the White House.

The enemy is never in Saudi Arabia, though that nation is the very birthing bed of international terrorism.

We hear a great deal about enemies, both real and contrived. Let's ponder, for a moment, the existence of another enemy so insidious that it operates fully in daylight but beyond control.

This enemy seeks to destroy the rule of constitutional law in the United States, working to destroy the seed-corn defense against tyranny in this nation, the separation of powers.

This enemy gathers more and more power to itself to achieve these goals, and uses fear and division to do so.

This enemy will lie with impunity, stonewall endlessly and ruin anyone who might disrupt its plans.

This enemy stood by and did nothing while a major American city was devoured by the ocean.

This enemy deliberately reached out and destroyed the career of a deep-cover CIA agent named Valerie Plame, because her husband dared to criticize the White House about its "uranium from Niger" lie regarding Iraq.

We hear a great deal about enemies these days, and many of them are quite real and quite perilous.

The difference between the enemies we hear about and the one in Washington is simple and deadly. Only the enemy in Washington can annihilate the constitutional government we have enjoyed for more than two centuries.

The idea that is America cannot be terminated by terrorists or rogue states. Were the nation entire to be somehow obliterated, the idea that is America would endure. Only its keepers can kill it completely.

They are well on their way.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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