Democrats Of Today A Worthy Party



Recently your Letters to the Editor section published a letter stating that "Democrats disgrace themselves." Yes, I guess that the list of behavior recited could indicate low watermarks for the party of Andrew Jackson. The great American humorist Will Rogers once said that he "didn't belong to an organized political party. He was a Democrat."

The list of things the writer pointed out did occur. I have been a life-long Democrat. I have been involved in ideological battles within my own party. I am happy to say that when the Southern Democrats in the 1960s opposed the civil rights legislation I opposed them. They and their segregationist supporters left the Democratic Party and became Republicans under the Nixon Southern strategy.

What the writer did not mention was that it was the Democrats that created the Social Security Act and Medicare for our seniors. It was recent Democrats that balanced the budget and gave this country a surplus of money, which the credit card conservatives and red ink Republicans have squandered.

As for the funeral of the late Coretta Scott King, the writer should have noted that it was the late Robert F. Kennedy that sent his personal airplane to carry the body of the slain Martin Luther King, Jr. back to Atlanta. It was President Lyndon Johnson who attended the funeral of the assassinated Medger Evers in Mississippi. Today's Democrats have a strong tradition of caring for this nation's racial minorities and economic disadvantaged.

The Democrats of the 21st century stand for the United Sates Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The party stands for fair treatment of our citizens and for the real security of our nation. I defy the Republicans who currently control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our federal government and the Legislative branch of the Arizona government to prove that they stand for the same principles.

Mark Reza, Senior Vice Chair, Chair of the County Chairs, Arizona Democratic Party, Gila County Democratic Party Chair, Payson

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