Falsehoods Must Be Corrected



I admire and respect men and women who step forward to run for political office. However, I feel I must speak out about the consistent falsehoods still being touted as fact.

Streets: $4,707,000 was spent on street improvements in the current fiscal year. That does not include the O & M (Operation & Maintenance) of the street department, nor salaries. Most of the $4,707,000 was funded by grants. To say the entire budget for the street department, including salaries, street improvements and maintenance, is $400,000 plus is a fallacy.

Budget: $7 million in the red? No. State law requires municipalities to have a balanced budget, which Payson does.

Water: The consistent misstatement that the Town is paying Mr. Horton $750,000 is incredulous. Once again, if or when the water is purchased and brought to Payson by the developer for his development needs, the Town will pay the original owner of the well for the excess water (130 gpm) for Payson residents. Blue Ridge water is proceeding well. There are several government agencies working well together to bring this project to fruition. There are still obstacles to resolve and they take time.

Main Street: The implication that $500,000 has been spent on Main Street by the Town of Payson is another falsehood. Main Street is part of Green Valley Redevelopment Area, which encompasses a large area. The entire budget for GVRA, including Main Street, is $143,180. Any promotions or events on Main Street must be sponsored and/or pay for itself. The rest of the funding has been state grants and the owners of the business, who have invested thousands of dollars.

Citizen Input and Communication: The Town has done a lot to improve communication. Regular articles in the Payson Roundup, TV Channel 4, a quarterly newsletter and Saturday forums on specific issues all give citizens a lot of information. Many citizens provide input as members of our boards and committees.

Everyone has a responsibility to be informed. It is up to each and every one of us to ask questions of any staff or council member if we don't understand an issue. How many people ask instead of listening to rumors? Unfortunately, not nearly enough.

In my opinion, Mayor Barbara Brewer is the best choice to continue as mayor. She has no personal agenda, has lived in Payson for over 30 years, is a business owner and has extensive knowledge of Payson and the legislative process. Barbara Brewer has a proven track record.

Judy Buettner, Payson

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