Not Enough Attention Paid To Water Issues



I have hesitated to write this letter, mainly because there seems to be little concern for the issue -- the issue of water. Not only for all of Arizona, but specifically for the area of Payson. Too little attention is afforded this subject and those of us that do (give it attention) are generally ostracized as a worrywart.

Not too many years ago, as I recall, hopefully correctly, the Payson Town Council sold the water rights to the Colorado River water for a little over a million dollars, and the money was to be used for street improvement.

If that is so, the Town of Payson has water at this point, water available from the aquifer that supplies most of the state in the center of Arizona. That being so, our source of water all comes from the same place. Drilling numerous wells does not supply an additional source of water, it only supplies a quicker means to get it into our water tanks. In the process, the lowest man on the totem pole, so to speak, will get less, or none, as time goes by. It really doesn't make good sense to legally steal water from your neighbor for the gain to a select few. The ballyhoo about guaranteeing a 100-year supply for future generations means nothing. What a shame it is to think that we are only concerned for the next 100 years. Primarily, that is a caveman approach to a millennium problem. It may not be solvable in the immediate future, but most certainly, we need a better start than that if there is to be any town after 100 years.

Presently, Phoenix and the surrounding area are building and expanding at an exorbitant rate, as are many cities in Nevada, as well as northwestern Arizona from Bullhead City to Kingman. Not to mention, California and all of their cities and towns that rely on the Colorado River water. One thing they all have in common -- primarily the same water source.

Nevada and California are already using more water than they agreed upon and are using part of the allotment that belongs to Arizona. Since none of the states seem to regulate the building process, in a short time there will not be enough water for the progress that is anticipated. Already Lake Powell at Page is experiencing a large loss of water because of a greater demand, as well as not being recharged as quickly as anticipated, and that is part of the source of our water supply through the aquifer. Best be more concerned about increasing the water to the Town of Payson from the reservoirs atop the Mogollon Rim, like the Blue Lake Reservoir, than pumping more from an existing well, or drilling another well. Anyone who is not concerned about their neighbor, the future, or doesn't have an altruistic outlook, really isn't concerned about the "Town of Payson."

C. W. Carter, Payson

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