Vote For Long Term Residents



For many months now Bob Edwards has been making false and misleading statements about the current state of our Town. At the candidate forum on Tuesday, I counted at least four untrue or misleading statements. He claims the Town is: running a $7 million deficit, that the real growth rate is well above the reported 2.6 percent growth rate, the town is spending $500,000 a year on Main Street and we are at or exceeding safe yield. All of these statements are untrue and meant to mislead people into voting for Mr. Edwards and Mr. Blair. These are signs of true politicians. Bash the current leaders and create fear amongst the electorate.

I have also heard him say on several occasions and in the newspaper that the future of this town is attracting more retired citizens. If he wants to slow construction and attract more retired people, that can only mean he wants to drive away the working class of Payson.

This is wrong and needs to be stopped. The Town needs diversity in order to survive. The Town was doing fine before Mr. Edwards and Mr. Blair arrived and will survive without them. Please vote for long-term residents of Payson who care about all the citizens of Payson. Vote for Barbara Brewer, Robert Henley, and Barbara Underwood.

Kevin Sokol, Payson

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