Blessings Of 2005 Ring In The New Year


As I contemplate the new year, I have many blessings for which to be thankful. First and foremost, I am glad to be alive and recovering from a life threatening medical condition that has been repaired with major surgery. But physical recovery is only part of the equation; emotional and spiritual recoveries are also key components.

There are a number of people I need to thank. For physical support, I am forever indebted to Dr. Alan Michels and Dr. Jason Cool. Their prompt and thorough analysis of my situation saved my life. We are so fortunate to have such competent doctors in Payson who are also wonderful people. I received excellent care from Mesa General Hospital where Dr. Cool referred me, and want to especially thank my cardio surgeon, Dr. Nelson. When I had a setback the day after arriving home from the hospital, Payson Fire Department's EMT and PRMC emergency room staff were great.

For spiritual support, a heartfelt thank-you to all the good people of Payson and St. Paul's Episcopal Church, many of whom supported us with their loving concern and prayers. We are truly blessed to live in such an amazing and caring community.

A special thanks to Canon Norman and Pat Burke from St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Also a special thanks to my family, particularly my parents, our daughter Kelle, our granddaughter Kaitlyn who sang songs on the phone to lift her Nana's spirits, and especially to my husband Robert Henley, my partner and soul mate of over 30 years. I thank my lucky stars that God has blessed me with such a loving and caring man. Our faith has helped us endure difficult times before and we have become stronger. I have no doubt with God's help we will do this once again.

For emotional support, in addition to family and many friends, a warm thank-you to my special friends Charlotte Garner, Barbara Hulse and Marie Miller. Thanks to our Mazatzal Mountain Air Park neighbors, especially to Barbara Hines, and to Jan Parsons and Diana Garrity for providing food the first week. Thanks to all my co-workers at APS for being so concerned and supportive.

My fervent hope and prayer for the new year is that all this positive energy will be channeled constructively to tackle the difficult issues our community faces. I believe if we all work together, including all the media, we can develop solutions acceptable to most of us.

God bless you,

Ann Henley

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