Buying Water -- Right Or Wrong



Recently there was a letter to the editor from Richard A. Meyer Jr., which I can liken only to a fairytale with a confused ending. It probably left your readers asking yet more questions. This is an attempt to once again answer some of those questions.

First, you mentioned a man selling water for which he has no use (we'll call him "H"). You are missing the fact that all of H's neighbors defiantly have a use for that water and have been using that water for decades. If pumping water from H's well or anywhere else in Star Valley had no effect on neighbors, this controversy would have ended a long time ago.

The fact that has been documented is that almost all of Star Valley will be affected. After all, we are not merely pumping 100 gallons a day, as you stated in your letter. The pump rate of 530 gallons per minute is what is written on the associated documents. That's 31,800 gallons per hour. And that is from just one well.

On top of that, there are several other wells in Star Valley that the town also has its eye on. Anyone who believes that the documents just say that, but the town will never pump that much, is living in a fantasy world.

That is why Star Valley had to incorporate to keep Payson (we'll call them "P") from taking water from H's neighbors. In the end you will see the developer (let's call him "D") not worried at all about the fees that Star Valley might mandate "P" to pay. Instead "D" will take all his profits that he placed in the bank (as mentioned in your letter) and move on to Next Town, U.S.A.

And last, but not least, Payson will have 1,000 new residences to add to its already over-burdened and mismanaged water system. More "P" people will complain because now, not only can they not even water their lawns, but they are forced to endure more restrictions as well. And the lawsuits will go on and on and on ...

Oh, and remember "D"? At this point, "D" will be sitting back laughing on a warm beach somewhere sipping on a cool margarita, while the citizens of "P" will be left holding the bag. Why? Because by that time, things will have become so bad and "P" will have spent so much money that they won't even have a pot to put their "P" in.

Chris Benjamin, Star Valley

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