Troop Departure Will Create Terrorist Haven



Was war with Iraq justified? Did Iraq possess weapons of mass destruction?

During 1988 Saddam Hussein murdered 200,000 Kurds by using poison gas in Kurdish villages and rounding up and executing male Kurds. Is poison gas a weapon of mass destruction? Yes. Did Saddam have the capability to make poison gas? Yes.

During the 1990 war with Iraq, Saddam used scud missiles against Israel and Saudi Arabia. Are scud missiles weapons of mass destruction? Yes. Did Saddam have the capability to make missiles? Yes. Where did the scud missiles disappear after the 1990 war? Were they destroyed? There is no record of that happening. Were they sent to Iran or Syria? Perhaps.

We must reject the dangerous illusion of those who claim that America would be better off by leaving Iraq immediately. We must not stand by as a new set of murderers tries to seize control of Iraq.

Without American forces in Iraq, there would not have been an opportunity for the Iraqi people to establish a government of free people. It would have become another haven for terrorists, just as Iran and Syria are now. The Iraqi people have shown their commitment to freedom by the huge election turnout with the threat of death facing them from terrorists.

As the Iraqi military grows stronger each passing month, more and more American troops will be returning home. God bless the American military and the Iraqi people.

Joe Gasiel, Payson

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