Leaders Are Out Of Touch



The mayor's comments in the "(Payson) Insight" (town newsletter) emphasize the fact they are so out of touch with the citizens I just could not resist responding.

Response to Mayor Brewer:

Mayor Brewer, in the "Payson Insight," pointed out that council and staff would finalize the 2006-2111 Corporate Strategic Plan in the spring.

She further states "... there will be more goals to accomplish than money available, so it's critical that we hear from you, our citizens as we complete this important work."

It is telling that she points out the Corporate Strategic Plan, which is the plan of town goals, is done by the council and staff, with no mention of citizen input, but then mentions "... it's critical that we hear from you, our citizens."

Citizen input should not be an afterthought; it should be the first step. A town goal plan should be put together from the citizens with staff assistance, not the other way around. The plan should lead to proposals that are presented at a town meeting where citizens are able to vote on the goals and the priorities.

Regarding the lack of money, the council has set streets as the No. 2 issue, but has only appropriated $450,000 to street maintenance, while spending a million on parks, a half a million on Main Street and $125,000 on facelifts and council laptops.

Bob Edwards, Payson

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