Our Leaders Should Live By The Law



Happy New Year! What will 2006 bring us?

To begin with, we have unfinished business. The current administration has placed this country in a constitutional crisis. The fact that George W. Bush says that he has the authority to suspend the Constitution and to fail to consult the legislative and judicial branches of our government, as mandated by our Constitution, does not make it so. This administration believes that if it tells the American people the same untruth long enough, the prevarication becomes true and, hence, reality.

Unfortunately, many Americans fall for this twisting of the truth. They shake their heads and think that lies and misconduct by our executive branch are excusable in the name of security. This administration actually believes that it must investigate the "leak" of their illegal act of violating the law and the Constitution by finding out who told the public they were lawbreakers. Perhaps we need to create a "Witness Protection Plan" for administration "whistleblowers."

This is not a Democrat or Republican thing. This is a constitutional thing. We need to wake up and say to our elected officials that they need to conduct themselves pursuant to the law. It is true that the events of 9/11 showed Americans that fanatical religious zealots are capable of doing great damage and injury when motivated by the fact that their own lives are meaningless and that their eternal lives will continue if they are willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause.

In America, we have those faithful who do not care what happens to us poor mortals because they know that the rapture or eternity awaits them. However, it is also our obligation to live our lives pursuant to the instructions of the Great Master, not the interpretation of some pulpit-pounding preacher or radio or television personality who tells you they are "fair and balanced." It is time for you to use the "meat between your ears." If you are required to live by the laws of this country, don't you think that our leaders should too?

Mark Ernest Reza, Payson

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