Remember: One Spark Can Start A Disaster



The first topic that comes to mind for this column is the extremely dry conditions we are experiencing in the high country.

As I walk around the village, I notice that there is a layer of dust on everything. We desperately need some moisture, soon.

My husband and I have been watching the news about Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and we think that could very well be us. I urge everyone, including our Valley visitors, to use extra caution with any type of fire. Do not leave a campfire burning, keep all fires down low, with a supply of water close by at all times. All it takes is one little spark to cause major damage in our forest or to our homes. Please advise anyone who does not realize that the forest is tinder dry to be extremely careful.

Tonto Village Fire District

Mark your calendars for the fire board meeting Saturday, Jan. 21. This date is one week later than the usual second Saturday of each month.

The fire department is accepting Christmas trees on the back lot. If the gate is locked, trees can be tossed over the fence. The volunteer firemen will shred the trees for mulch.

Domino Divas

Now that the holidays are behind us for another year, the Tonto Village Domino Divas will resume their regular schedule of dominoes and lunch at the Tonto Village Chapel. The group gathers at approximately 1 p.m. every Wednesday. Everyone is welcome, and don't worry if you do not know how to play. There will be any number of veterans who can show you how to play Mexican Train.

Pool results

The pool tournaments have been going strong throughout the holidays. There is nothing to compare to a dedicated pool player. Cliff Landrum, who usually wins in the Sunday afternoon tournaments, has decided to fully retire. Now he can really find the time to practice those great shots that help him win so many tournaments. Bone up everybody!

Sunday's winners were Joe Ferrara and Bo Douglas.

The Tonto Village ladies' nine-ball players were at the Landmark in Christopher Creek this Tuesday evening for their contest. Marsha Dellesandro, Bo Mathews and Kara Shaw were the three top winners.


Jan. 12, Phon and Dara Sutton of Bear Flat, will celebrate their wedding anniversary. Congratulations to a wonderful couple. We all wish you both many more years to enjoy each other. May you continue to grow together in life and love.

Editor's note: The last Tonto Village News column included a photo. The attribution was "Courtesy photo." Columnist Janet Snyder took and submitted the photo.

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