Rim Country Welcomes First Newborn Baby Of 2006


Payson's first baby of 2006 made her debut at 4:04 p.m. Monday, Jan. 2.

Cheyenne was the name parents Kristie Ewing and Chris Heflin chose just because they liked it. Nevaeh (pronounced neh-vay) is baby Cheyenne's middle name.


"You look so pretty -- like you just had a baby," said Dr. Cynthia Booth just before this photograph of Cheyenne Nevaeh and her proud parents Kristie Ewing and Chris Heflin was taken.

"It's heaven spelled backward," said Ewing.

Nevaeh was supposed to be their child's first name.

"I had never heard of anyone named Nevaeh, but after we picked out the name I found out someone else named their kid Nevaeh, so we used it as a middle name."

Baby Cheyenne was 19 inches long and weighed seven pounds, eight ounces at birth.

She has blue eyes now, but both parents have hazel eyes, so hers could change color as she grows.

"Her daddy was bald (at birth)," Ewing said, but Cheyenne was born with lots of dark hair, which came from her mother's side and curls from her father's side.

Delivering doctor Cynthia Booth assured the couple that even though their baby's curly hair has relaxed since the birth, it will probably curl up again.

It was an "awesome birth," if not an easy delivery, according to Booth. But she praised Ewing, "You did so well."

Ewing's labor was induced at 8 a.m. and then her contractions started.

"I pushed for a good two hours," said Ewing. "It didn't get hard until the last half an hour."

Heflin was by her side in the delivery room. "It was easier for me than it was for Kristie," Heflin said. Kristie laughed and said, "Yeah. He took it better than I did."

"I didn't yell at him," Ewing said. "Not one time," Heflin said with a smile.

"It was very nice," said Ewing, tearing her eyes away from Cheyenne long enough to share a smile with Heflin.

The couple is engaged, but hasn't had time to re-set a wedding date yet. "We were supposed to get married the first," Heflin said.

Cheyenne is their first child.

Ewing said she has no specific dreams for her new daughter. "I hope she will be whatever she wants to be," she said. "Chris wants her to rope steers."

It is something Chris, who is a competitive team roper, can teach her.

Heflin thanked God for their healthy baby.

"I want to thank my mom (Bonnie Anderson) and Chris' mom. They were really, oh ...." Ewing's voice trails off and she is at a loss for words. "Without them, without Chris, I don't know what I would have done. I probably would have quit right in the middle of it.

"Dr. Booth was awesome, but I really want to thank my mom and Chris and Chris' mom and the nurses they were really good and patient with me."

The baby was delivered at the Birthing Center at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Karen Evans is Cheyenne's doctor.

The Birthing Center and the Mogollon Health Alliance Auxiliary put a special gift package together for the new family. It includes baby blankets, a book, stuffed animals, soft washcloths, movie passes, gift certificates to local merchants and a spa set for Ewing.

Cory Houghton, PRMC marketing director, estimated Cheyenne would be the first of 140 to 150 babies born at PRMC this year.

PRMC participated in the "Babies R Us 2006 New Year's Baby" contest. Because Cheyenne was the first baby born at the hospital in 2006, she has won a $100 Babies R Us gift basket.

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