So Many 'Know It Alls'



Golly, Gee Whiz, Yuk-a-doodle. The Jan. 3, 2006 (edition of the Roundup) is just so full of opinions and those objecting to other people's opinions.

Last I checked, Payson is part of the United States. Last I checked, we Americans have the right to say what ever we feel, and others have a right to disagree. I always thought that was one of the great benefits and strengths of being an American.

Everyone has an opinion. Let's not put them down because we don't happen to agree. It's called "freedom of speech."

I like to say, "I don't really know everything, I just pretend I do." I would like to offer it to many others here to use, (those) who really do think they know it all, and don't think anyone else should have an opinion, or are so impressed with themselves they truly believe they "know it all."

Isn't it nice when two opposing opinions meet on a common ground?

Sue Dolan, Payson

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