The Barbarians Swagger



Thank you, barbarians, for your prompt response to my letter. I'm glad that Ms. Iles works as an office manager, lays her napkin in her lap and eats with her mouth closed. She tells us she wears black at funerals, but I don't get the impression she grieves for the deaths of the animals she kills.

Ms. Isles, I am a vegetarian, I don't wear leather, and I believe that higher life animals, including cats, dogs, cattle, pigs and deer, feel pain. I have no doubt that like anyone who enjoys their hobby, you work hard at practicing with your weapon so that you can try to kill "humanely," but it is hard for me to believe that you hike long distances and shoot down deer just so that your family can eat.

My wish is that someone would buy you a good camera with a telephoto lens and tripod so that you can develop a new love and respect for the animals you are presently trying to kill, as well as satisfying your legitimate love of hiking and skillfully getting close to the animals. Your photographs will give enjoyment to everyone and you will be a barbarian no more.

Mr. O'Brian, you quote the reports of experiments in other parts of the country. Perhaps the same results would be true if we had a moratorium on hunting deer in this part of the country, but as Ms. Iles wrote, at present, 60 percent of the hunters are going home empty handed. The Game and Fish Department would certainly get the court's permission to cull the Arizona herds should the situation you write about in Vermont ever be the same here. No, your letter is just the usual lame excuse to make the joy you get out of killing the deer seem needed, and even noble. No matter how many barbarians try to excuse their actions, the truth is that the animals feel pain and suffer from their wounds, like any human being.

Guadalupe Sandoval-Pratt, Star Valley

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