College Board To Act On Resignation


An organizational meeting of the governing board of Gila County Provisional Community College District will take place at 9 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 19. Upon adjournment, the regular meeting of the board will convene.

The election of a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary for the 2006 calendar year is the focus of the first meeting.


Gila County School Superintendent Linda O'Dell

Board member Richard "Dick" Wolfe's letter of resignation and a presentation on open meeting laws by Attorney General Terry Goddard are on the agenda for the regular meeting.

"At the point in time that the governing board accepts the resignation of Mr. Wolfe, then they will request that I appoint someone," said Linda O'Dell, Gila County School Superintendent.

"I have not yet had that communication from the board," she said.

When that happens, O'Dell will "advertise for letters of interest" and go through the process of identifying someone qualified to become a member of the board of governors. Whoever that appointed person might be, they will need to "go through the election process in November (2006) with whoever else might show up and want to run for that position," O'Dell said.

Wolfe would not have come up for re-election until 2010.

O'Dell expressed surprise at Wolfe's resignation.

"Of course, it is very disappointing and distressing," she said.

"Mr. Wolfe was a really fine man, so I am sad he will no longer be serving on the board."

At prior board meetings, the "call to the public," which is an opportunity for the public to comment on any issue within the jurisdiction of the governing board, was at the beginning of the agenda. It will now appear on the agenda just before adjournment.

The public can attend both meetings via interactive television in room 209 on the Payson campus.

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