Mayor Addresses 'Misstatements'



This letter is to clarify misstatements in Bob Edwards' letter to the editor published Friday, Jan. 6.

In 2003 the town council adopted the General Land Use Plan, which was put together by residents of our community. The plan went to the voters, who approved it.

The "citizens" develop the updates to the plan before they are presented to the town council for adoption. This is part of the Growing Smarter plan mandated by the State.

We also have the Focus Future Plan, sponsored by APS, and developed by a broad-based group of citizens. It addresses how and where the public would like to see the town grow to maintain our quality of life. The Focus Future II Plan was adopted as a guide as well.

The Corporate Strategic Plan is put together each year by the council and staff and is governed by the budget. The information for the Corporate Strategic Plan comes from the "citizens" and the previous mentioned plans. Each of us listens to our constituents to get the information needed on which direction they would have us move. This sets the list of priorities for the staff to focus their year's budget to accomplish.

Water is always No. 1 -- to move forward with water development to ensure the future of our community. That is the reason we practice Safe Yield, so that we can guarantee the citizens will always have water coming from their faucets.

Street improvements are No. 2 on our list because we do listen to the citizens. We have more than doubled the road preservation and improvements these last two years. At $1.5 million dollars a mile to build a new road, and with two failed road construction bond elections, we are doing well. Our plan is to preserve all roads within six years. With grants and help we have acquired these past two years, we have put over $3 million dollars into streets.

Park money comes from the impact fees collected from the new growth.

The facelifts on Main Street were also grants that we received from the Heritage Fund and other programs through the state.

Laptops for the council are not part of the budget. However, there is money allocated for a new computer for the mayor. The current unit is from 1995 and not working properly. A laptop is used both in my office and on the road.

Barbara Brewer, Mayor, Payson

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