Registration Continues At College


Even though classes started at Gila Community College the week of Jan. 9, the last day to enroll for courses is Friday, Jan 20.

Among the classes available:


The world of biology is yours to discover at Gila Community College. Classes being offered with their concurrent labs are Environmental Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology 1, Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 and Microbiology.

All of these offered courses will fulfill general education credits for any degree and or certificate or as sustainable credits in a medical or science degree.


Spaces are open in nine English courses and concurrent labs: Written Fundamentals, Written Communications 1, Composition Skills, Written Communications 2, College Reading, Introduction to Creative Writing, World Literature 1 and American Literature.

History and Western Civilization

U.S. History 2 and Western Civilization 2 are offered this semester to help students complete general education credits needed for an associates degree, or general certificate.

Principles of Macroeconomics

Studies aggregates of the entire economy; concentrates on national income analysis, business cycles, money and banking system, the global economy, and fiscal and monetary policy. Macroeconomics will supply credits in the general education category for Social Science.

Beginning Ceramics

Beginning Ceramics 2 will teach the basics of handling and molding clay. This three-credit course will fulfill any of the art general education credits one might be lacking for an education degree certificate.

Substantive Law

This course is for anyone interested in law enforcement or justice careers. It covers the philosophy of legal sanctions and historical development from common law to modern criminal law and classifications of crimes. It includes elements of and parties to crimes, and general definitions of crime and common defenses used, specific offenses and the essential elements of each offense are covered.

Arson Detection and Investigation

This course will help firefighters wishing to expand their knowledge for career purposes. Basic principles of arson investigation includes an introduction to fire investigation, laws, fire causes, determining point of origin, evidence, fire setters, case investigation and preparation, and courtroom demeanor and testimony.


In addition to a full course of Introduction to Computers, there are short-term classes available. Choose from: Microsoft Offices, Beginning and Intermediate PC Troubleshooting and repair, Beginning Microsoft Power Point, Beginning and Intermediate Microsoft Excel and Intermediate Microsoft Word.


Learn how easily household and business finances can be managed with this computer program.

Beginning Power Walking

Offered in the mornings for people to get up and get in shape without the exertion of lifting weights.

Call Gila Community College for more details, (928) 468-8039.

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