So Much More Could Be Done



"Iraq war will cost between 1 to 2 Trillion Dollars."

We could have gone to Mars, inspired and challenged the world and reaped a century of technological benefits.

We could have fed all the starving people of the world.

We could have given the best educations and maybe even a college education to all of our children.

Instead we will have another legacy of violence and probably defeat, with mistrust among our allies and hatred from our enemies.

Another generation of our brave young men (and now women) returning to try to live a "normal" life with the scars of war lingering in their souls -- with little real help or honor provided to them from the politicians who sent them into that hell.

Is going to war the answer to this world's problems? Examine the real costs versus the real benefits.

We could have done better than this. We are playing right into the game plan of the terrorists.

Compare real life to sports. Who wins the ball game?

Isn't it the team that doesn't get "shook up" and distracted, but goes in and plays "their game -- their way" and wins?

What do we do best in America? What are our real assets in the war on terrorism? Is it our brute military and CIA force, or our Christian heritage, our freedoms and our economic and technological resources?

Here is just one example of thinking out of the "war box." Convert all our gas-powered devices over to alternative fuels and resources within five years or less. Help our allies and all others interested do the same. We gain vast new revenues, job opportunities and investment capital, while ultimately reducing the Middle East and leftist oil-rich countries into becoming "irrelevant" -- forcing them to deal with their own cultural inequities, lack of industrialization and education, their political and religious extremism, and ultimately to begin to act like real citizen nations of the world -- if they don't have the oil money they don't have the means to fund and promote their radical agendas.

Just an idea -- think about it.

Got any better ideas?

We need a "great" vision for the 21st century -- something to really inspire us, our children and our future grandchildren.

Max West, Payson

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