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Q: How much money did it cost Payson Parks and Recreation to print their extravagant four-color glossy Winter and Spring Activity Guide? Would they have a better place to put their money rather than four-color brochures? Since they are a parks department shouldn't they put the money in parks?

A: "The extravagant marketing brochures for the seasonal Payson recreational activities guide cost 11 cents per flier, which is an approved and budgeted expenditure item coming out of the recreation budget," said Payson parks and recreation director Bill Schwind. "The four-color design has been an ongoing, in-house production layout for over 3 years.

"Park operations and expenditures come out of a totally separate funding account. We are always open to suggestions as to where improvements need to be made within our parks system."

Q: When is Linda O'Dell's school opening? Are we still renting the space? What does it cost taxpayers each month?

A: Gila County School Superintendent Linda O'Dell interviewed instructors over the past weekend to teach at the Payson Education Center.

O'Dell had originally hoped for a January opening, but now plans to open Feb. 1.

The building space, which rents for $1,300 a month, is, and will continue to serve as, a satellite office for the district. The main floor and the lower level will be used for the school and community resources, with offices on the upper floor.

"Because the Globe Education Center is up and running, there are some things in place that will make our start-up in the Payson area much easier," O'Dell said.

Q: Why can't we use the McDonald's gift cards we got for Christmas at the new Payson McDonald's? Will we be able to use them eventually?

A: According to McDonald's Manager Desere Gonzales, the machines to use them with are not working. Hopefully by next week they will be fixed.

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