Candidate Equipped For Outstanding Job



One candidate for town council that I know has qualities that equip him to do an outstanding job of serving Payson's people on the town council is Ed Blair, who is now retired, and was a Lutheran pastor for 35 years. He is now a member of Mt. Cross Lutheran Church in Payson.

He has been very successful in handling every responsibility he has assumed. When he headed the cancer drive at Mt. Cross, he set high goals, which were achieved. As president of the Friendship group, the retired age group, he consistently provided stimulating programs, which resulted in record attendance at our monthly meetings.

His goal as a council member will be to effectively serve the best interests of the people of Payson. We need a town council that is more responsive to the concerns of Payson's people. This present lack of concern for the will of the people has been demonstrated in a variety of ways.

One indicator was the town council's failure to consider a petition by 1,900 Payson voters to submit the issue of Star Valley water to a public vote. Another indication is the continuing sacrifices residents are asked to make in order to build a few more houses. Grass is discouraged by water rate schedules in spite of the fact that it provides a nice outdoor place for children to play at home under the watchful eyes of their parents. Grass also can keep Payson from becoming a dust bowl. Older people, and younger people, do not need more air pollution. Adequate storm sewers are too expensive to build -- unless they are needed for a new commercial development.

Ed Blair believes the Town of Payson should help in every practical way to bring Blue Ridge water to Payson as soon as possible. He favors continuing the present street improvement program. He thinks the town council should rely less on town staff in making judgments about whether proposed budget items are necessary or excessive.

Elect Ed Blair to bring more effective representation of Payson's people to the town council. He has the energy, the vision, the desire and the personality to more effectively represent the people of Payson in the making of important decisions.

Jim Winter, Payson

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