Town Needs Leaders With Sense, Honesty, Integrity



Dear friends and fellow citizens:

I have lived in Payson almost 30 years. In the 1980s and 1990s, I spent eight years serving the community as a councilman and vice mayor.

In all the years that I have resided in Payson, I have had the opportunity to observe many councils -- some exceptional and some below standard.

Never have I seen a council that, in my opinion and the opinion of many residents, performs their duties with disregard to the people who voted them into office. I sometimes wonder if their decisions aren't made with their personal interests in mind.

Again, it is my opinion that the majority of our citizens have lost confidence in our existing council. The lack of leadership and questionable honesty and integrity governing their decisions causes many citizens in town to feel very uncomfortable.

I personally think that we need a strong council, one that displays strong leadership qualities and common sense with honesty and integrity. That is the reason I am supporting Bob Edwards for mayor and Ed Blair for council. After numerous conversations with these two gentlemen, I feel they possess the aforementioned character that we so desperately need.

I urge you, the citizens of Payson, to support these two candidates.

I also must apologize to the council personnel who do not fall into the category that I have mentioned above.

James Chase, Payson

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