What Is Wrong With Judicial System?



Drunk driving.

I question the mentality of the judge who not only reduced the bond of Rigoberto Arrazola, but allowed him to be released to a "step-one halfway house."

He is a murderer, and no doubt had the maximum alcohol at the time of the tragic accident, but checking his alcohol content was delayed three hours, which, of course, was lower then. This is a perfect demonstration to say that it is all right to drink and drive and kill innocent people.

Why have police on the streets checking drivers' alcohol content, and when a tragedy occurs, treat it like it is all right? What is wrong with our judicial system?

If the lives that were taken had been those of the judge's family, it would be a different situation. I personally have been deeply impacted by this horrible tragedy and was very angered when I read what the judge's decision was.

When are criminals going to be treated like criminals instead of being patted on their hand and allowed to go scot-free, especially when they kill someone? My heart goes out to the husband and family of Pernilla, Simon and William. I pray that Arrazola is given his fair sentence for this horrible tragedy, as I, too, am outraged at the loss of these precious lives.

Lois L. Logan, Payson

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