About Yellow Lights



I am puzzled that there is any puzzlement over the traffic lights at Wal-Mart. The left-turn traffic here is unusually heavy -- therefore the signal should be left-turn-on-arrow-only, period: that is the entire reason for that signal option to exist. Making a left-turn on green (and therefore on yellow as well) is rather close to suicide and certainly foolhardy in front of an oncoming vehicle -- hoping against hope that it will in fact stop.

Both parties in Wednesday's accident deserve a ticket, but ADOT deserves a dunce hat!

Do you pull out from a driveway when the oncoming traffic signals a right turn? You will not do so too many times, for frequently that right turn signal applies to a turn after your location -- and so ka-boom. That is why it is sometimes wise to not signal a turn.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Payson

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