Barbarian Title Offensive



A 13-year-old "Barbarian"?

I come from a long line of hunters and we do enjoy eating what we get. We also enjoy hunting. Yes, we enjoy it.

I am offended that you would call hunters "barbarians." I am a 13-year-old girl and I don't consider myself a barbarian, even though I do hunt. I think that animals do feel pain, and I don't think that there is anyone in the world who doesn't think that animals feel pain.

Most of us "barbarians" do know that animals feel pain, and respect that by hunting only when in season and when we are drawn. If we do not hunt the animals, the animals will become over-populated and die of starvation or disease.

So, would you rather maintain the population of animals and see them healthy, or have them very unhealthy and dying of starvation and disease? Either way, they are going to hurt and I think that it would hurt more to die of diseases or hunger.

We also have a limit on how many animals can be hunted per season; so all the animals won't disappear any time soon. We "barbarians" also kill a lot more humanely than animals kill each other. A wolf could kill a deer slowly and more painfully than a human would.

Animals are wonderful. In fact, I own a cat and dogs and I used to own a few chickens and some guinea pigs. Most of us "barbarians" enjoy animals and the outdoors. That's why we hunt. A camera won't maintain and help balance the population of animals in any way.

Rebecca Branstetter, Payson

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