Get Behind The Arizonan Seeking To Lead House



Arizonans have a rare opportunity to do something that benefits the whole country. We can unite behind the opportunity to propel Rep. John Shadegg to the post of majority leader of the House of Representatives.

It is obvious to most of us, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents, that gradually, since 1994, the Republican Party has lost its way. The Republicans cut taxes, as they had promised, but they didn't pay much attention to the other goals they promised us.

Shadegg was one of the first, and few, Republicans at the national level to point out how badly spending had ballooned since 1994. Shadegg has also worked since first elected to put the young people of the rural West back to work.

While other members of political leadership have been posturing and pontificating, and blaming everyone, and everything else, for our shortage of gasoline, and its resultant high prices, Shadegg dived to the heart of the matter. He introduced legislation to cut the Gordian knot his peers and predecessors had established for building a new refinery in the U.S. It has been 30 years since a new refinery was built in the U.S. This, more than a shortage of oil, has been our problem, and the majority of Congress has been reluctant to attack this problem.

There are probably many other reasons for us to support Shadegg, but, more to the point, how do we help him? I assume the five other Arizona Republican congressmen will support him. If not, their constituents should be asking them questions.

The real help we can give Shadegg is outside of Arizona. Many of us came from other states. We can contact anybody back home that is politically active and call Shadegg's attributes and reputation to their attention. Emphasize the point that the Republican Party is in trouble, and badly needs new direction and new ideas. Contact Republican representatives, state Republican chairmen, county chairmen, friends who are politically active and plant the seed. Tell them if the Republican Party wants to start the New Year with a new, more popular agenda, here is the way to start over.

Maybe if the Republican Party makes a sincere effort to start delivering us what it promised us in 1994, it can avoid the present looming disaster.

Dan Adams, Payson

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