Pickpockets In Payson



Having just returned from a trip to Southern California, I am amazed at the price of gasoline I find at our local Payson gasoline stations. I know that I was gone for a week; however, I had sticker shock while pulling into the Maverik station to fill up my SUV. While in California, I had filled up in Anaheim and paid $2.19 a gallon for regular unleaded. Payson has always been less expensive than either Southern California or Phoenix, most of the time by $0.15 to $0.25. What happened while I was gone?

Having spoken to several friends and knowing that the price of a barrel of oil has not gone up in relationship to the rapid rise in gas prices at the Payson pumps, we can only think that there is collusion among the station owners to raise the prices at the pump. If it's not collusion, please explain to me why it is that gasoline prices are higher here in Payson than in the tax-hungry state of California, or down in the valley in Phoenix.

My family has been in Payson since 1985. It has always been a neighbor-friendly place where you didn't have to worry about someone robbing you. It seems like the gas station owners want to change that attitude. I'm against governmental regulation, but ....

I am a retired small business owner, and I know the importance of profit; however, picking our pockets is not the way to make a profit. Our family has always supported our local merchants; we deserve the same support back from our local merchants.

Jim Muhr, Payson

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