What's Up?


Q: Why do some candidates have their signs up already?

A: When candidates got their running packets from the town, with rules regulations and background information, Town Clerk Sylvia Smith said she spoke with every candidate.

Mail-in ballots will be sent to residents on Feb. 9, 2006. The primary election is March 13, 2006.

"I told them that due to all-mail balloting they could start their campaigning earlier and how other municipalities were handling campaigning due to the ballots going out 30 days before the election. So, how they interpret it is up to them .... Then they are calling everybody else for clarification. This is our third all-mail ballot election ... and we've never had a problem like this .... Everyone who has their signs up already contacted us beforehand, we double-checked; we contacted planning and zoning to see that they would not be fined for having them up ...," Smith said.

Campaign signs cannot impede traffic or be in the right of ways.

Campaign signs must be taken down seven days after the primary election unless a candidate is going onto the general election.

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