Who's Pulling The Strings?



(It is) my observation that the two candidates running together, and mainly supported by two PAC's (Committee for Responsible Government & Committee for Community Based Growth), are puppets with someone else pulling the strings.

I base this on the evidence that neither candidate has put out a personal position paper with real doable solutions (except one, see below) on any of the many important issues facing the voters this election. In my opinion, they are only mouthing the positions developed in committee meetings (verified) of these PACs. The one personal position was a Letter to the Editor Jan. 6 where Mr. Edwards made disingenuous statements. He forgot to mention that the discrepancies in the budget amounts were results of voter positions determined long before either of these two candidates moved to Payson. He also didn't mention grants that might have been part of the budgeted amounts. Rebuttals to his comments have been in the paper.

I am encouraged to see that one of the PAC leaders has volunteered to serve on a Payson committee, board or commission and has been appointed by the mayor. It is interesting, however, that he felt uncomfortable when he thought his integrity was being questioned in the council meeting. Being on a commission will be a learning experience and, hopefully, there will be a better understanding about the conditions and restraints imposed by law that the mayor and council must work under.

The question stands: Do we as citizens want elected positions filled by anyone that is beholding to these secret (no information available) committees, or by citizens willing to involve themselves, their time and money, in seeking a position in Payson's government?

Do we want puppets that let others speak for them or do we want leaders that state in writing their personal positions and solutions to problems before they ask for your vote?

Do we want selfish, one issue (no growth), people elected to town government, or do we want citizens elected that are concerned about the long-term residents, the young people, the retired fixed-income citizen, our neighboring towns, the working contingent, water, roads, and the financial security of Payson.

To go from a puppet to a person deserving of my vote, cut the strings, move your own lips, and make your own statements. Don't get strangled in the puppet strings.

James Garner, Payson

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