Balanced Growth Best



My compliments to the Roundup and former reporter Nancy Wright for a well-written and well-balanced front page article "Construction industry fuels Payson economy."

As our senior town staff members Glenn Smith, Bill Schwind and others explained so well, balanced growth funds enhancements to the town's infrastructure, helps local businesses and provides jobs while spreading taxes over a broader base. While we members of Payson's current town council may differ on the specifics, we are all dedicated to seeking a balance that best serves our citizens over both the short and long run.

While the real estate market has been booming nationally, throughout Arizona and here recently, it is well to remember that real estate goes through significant peaks and troughs. The hot housing market of the late 1990s was followed by a significant slump in the early years of this decade. Town council members and the town staff have to be prepared to manage through these inevitable ups and downs, without overreacting to either.

Those who wish to slam the brakes on Payson's current expansion would do well to review not only the town's history but the catastrophic impact that such overreactions have had on other communities where "no-growth advocates" have climbed into the driver's seat.

Mayor Barbara Brewer, Payson

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