Bb Gun Incident Merits More Than A Lecture



After reading the article concerning the BB gun scare at Tonto Bridge (Jan. 10 Roundup), I had to ask, ‘Is a lecture a strong enough consequence for shooting someone?' I am a volunteer at the park and, although I was not present the day of the shooting, it was very alarming to me that the juveniles responsible and/or their parents were not held accountable. First, this large group of visitors entered the park without paying and had to be approached by the ranger on duty to collect the entrance fee. Then, as I understand the incident, initially Mr. Rodriguez, the other visitors and the ranger present did not realize what type of gun it was, only that someone had been hit by a bullet and was bleeding. I have been hit with a pellet gun and it is painful! Thankfully, the ranger handled the situation in a calm, professional manner and the police responded in a timely manner. Had I been there, I would have assumed it was a sniper taking random pot shots at innocent people with a deadly weapon. Very scary! I find it difficult to believe that these juveniles "mistakenly took a BB gun into the state park." I know what the consequences would be had they carried this weapon onto a school campus. Also incredible is how the girl said she was aiming at a pool of water and somehow the pellet ended up in a visitor's arm! I am saddened that Mr. Rodriguez, or state officials, did not press charges. It seems to me that "a lecture" was not a strong enough consequence for those responsible for causing such injury and fear in a state park.

Marguerite Young, Payson

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