More On 'Barbarians'



Mr. O'Brien, it takes more than just a misspelled name to lose one's credibility. And, I am not a "naive little woman." I am aware of different laws in Vermont and in Arizona. I don't just "sit here." I am an advocate for animals. I care for the deer, and your letters of attack are not going to silence me.

Miss Branstetter, barbarians come in all ages . New World Dictionary's definition of a barbarian is: a savage, cruel person. Barbarian basically refers to a civilization regarded as primitive. "I come from a long line of hunters." Hunting is primitive -- hence barbaric.

It would be rather honorable if most barbarians hunted during the hunting season, but that is not the case. I go up to, near, the mountains and the forest with my dogs all the time, and I see hunters. They are there in the spring, in the summer, in the fall and in the winter. If this continues, deer will become extinct.

"If we do not hunt the animals, the animals will become overpopulated and die of starvation and disease." The deer would not die of starvation and disease if enough people cared to provide them with food and water. Start feeding and watering them yourself. This will show how much you do care for the deer. "We barbarians also kill a lot more humanely than animals kill each other. A wolf could kill a deer slowly and more painfully than a human would."

Wolves kill because it is a natural thing for them to do. They are animals and deer is their food. People know better; they have food at the stores. At least I would hope that they would know better than to take it away from the wolf. The ones starving are the wolves, it seems to me.

Some of us enjoy taking photos of the deer, but lately there aren't any to be photographed and this is very sad.

Guadalupe Sandoval Pratt, Star Valley

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