Tax Time Is Upon Us; Time To Get Organized



Tonto Village finally received a bit of snow this past Sunday evening. According to Dara Sutton of Bear Flats, the moisture measured .20 of an inch, or one-quarter inch of snow. There was not enough to alleviate the fire danger, so we all still need to be extremely careful. Hopefully, as the winter progresses, we will receive more snow and allow the ponderosa pine trees a healthy amount of moisture. We not only need the moisture for the forest, but also for our wells that supply our water. Conservation may be our first line of defense for getting us through this dry season. Do not use our precious water for frivolous purposes.

Purging files

By this time every year, we all need to start thinking of taxes, and we also should tackle the boring job of going through the file cabinet and shredding documents that are not needed anymore. The process allows us to make room for another set for 2006. I have been diligently going through mountains of papers, bills, etc. and shredding a good majority of them. I think that I now have a good start on the files that are needed for Uncle Sam. How about at your home? Have you thought of that dreaded time of year yet?

Baby shower


Mitzi Brabb of Tonto Village III was the guest of honor at a baby shower held for the expected arrival of a baby girl early next month. Tonto Village residents Maurine Kirchhoefer, Charlie Martin and Gail Mortenson hosted the shower.

This past Saturday afternoon, a baby shower was held for Tonto Village III resident Mitzi Brabb. Maurine Kirchhoefer, Charlie Martin and Gail Mortenson hosted the shower. Mitzi received many beautiful handmade quilts and blankets, and cute outfits. Both Mitzi and her husband Matt are eagerly waiting for their first child to arrive sometime around Feb. 6. The proud parents have been told that the baby is a girl, so they have been feverishly decorating the baby room in beautiful pastel colors.

Tonto Village Fire District

Don't forget the fireboard meeting this Saturday, Jan. 21. The meeting will be at the fire station, starting at 10 a.m. sharp. Ron Standage will be in attendance to speak on water issues, and some of the board members will discuss their trip to Laughlin last weekend where they attended the AFDA conference.

If there are Christmas trees still around, the fire department is still accepting them in the back lot. They will be shredded for mulch.

A meeting of the Tonto Village Fire Sirens is tentatively scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the Tonto Village Chapel. There are many issues to be discussed and decided for the coming year. If you would like to be a part of the auxiliary and take an active role in this year's activities, call Janet Snyder at (928) 478-4575, or Dara Sutton at (928) 478-0052.

Pool results

The nine-ball pool gals have decided to play every Tuesday at Double D Restaurant from now on. The play gets started about 6:45 p.m. You are encouraged to come a bit earlier to get signed up. It was a Tonto Village sweep Tuesday evening when Kara Shaw, Suzie Shill and Margaret Stasney took the top three places. Way to go, gals.

Sunday afternoon the eight ball pool players took over the tables at the Double D. Joe Ferrera, Cliff Landrum and Ethel Cain shot for the three top spots. Congratulations to all the winners.

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