Young Teachers Bring Enthusiasm, New Ideas



I am writing in response to Richard Meyer's letter concerning teachers. I am a veteran teacher, and I am greatly offended by his comments that schools should not hire young people fresh out of college to be teachers, or that schools are wasting their money if they do invest in these young teachers. I encourage my seniors to enter college and become teachers if they want to impact young peoples' lives. I have great respect for the people who have retired from other professions and decided to come into teaching, but I certainly would never want to discourage young people from becoming teachers. I have the privilege of working with some of these "fresh-out-of-college" teachers, and I have to say they bring so much to the classroom that we veteran teachers lack. They bring new ideas, enthusiasm, a love for kids, and a heart bigger than they are. They want to be here and they want to make a difference in some child's life. I admire that. I learn from them, and I am so encouraged by their youth and enthusiasm. Please know that Mr. Meyer does not speak for all of us at Payson High School.

Phyllis McGinnes, Payson

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