Candidates' Positions Based On Input From Citizens



In response to James Garner's letter from Jan. 17, I would like to set the record straight. Yes indeed, these two candidates, Ed Blair and Bob Edwards, do have someone pulling the strings. The string pullers are the citizens of Payson. Position statements have been developed based on input from the people of our community, not special interest groups or PACs. These positions have been published in the paper, handed out door to door, at our rally and other locations around town; nothing is "secret." You can visit the Web site,, to view the positions or to see the candidates' trust agreement to the people of Payson. As to these organizations being secret, a visit to the town clerk would reveal the principals of the Committee for Responsible Government and the Committee for Community Based Growth (CCBG) as well as their charters and state I.D. numbers. As can be verified with the town clerk, the CCBG is not a PAC that supports any candidate or measure. The chairman of the CCBG has made this neutral position clear in the Payson Roundup. The one and only activity of the CCBG is to organize and pursue the referendum concerning Star Valley water. The Committee for Responsible Government is a PAC consisting of two individuals supporting the two candidates. Their contributions are restricted just as any other individual. As far as the budget numbers, notwithstanding alleged "rebuttals," they come right out of the town's budget document and are illustrative of the current administration not following the priorities of the citizens. I agree with Mr. Garner, I do want citizens elected that are concerned about the long-term residents, the young people, the retired, our neighbors, the working people, water, roads and the financial health of Payson. That is exactly why I support, and why I am working to see that, Bob Edwards and Ed Blair are elected.

Leon Keddington, Campaign Manager, Edwards for Mayor/Blair for Council

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