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Re: Local gas stations

In response to the person who complained about the local gas stations "picking our pockets" -- If you for one bit think that the corporate-owned gas stations in town have any control over their gas prices locally, you are sadly mistaken. If prices are high, it is due to the privately owned stations who want to gouge the market. All of the corporate-owned stations, like Giant, Circle K, Maverik, Safeway and Shell, have their managers price-compare all of the stations in town and match as the market will bear. If the others are lower, most will lower to match. But if a local has raised due to increased cost, then most will match or only undercut by a cent or two. It is called supply and demand. Corporate gas stations control their prices by individual market, not by national prices. Do not blame the business locally, but complain to the multibillion dollar corporations that own them. The Payson residents who work in them have no control over what the price tag is.

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