Stealing Political Signs A Crime



Here we go again. I can tell it's election time because of all the political signs that are being stolen. That's right -- stolen. Taking someone else's property is stealing. Stealing is against the laws of God, state law and even, in this case, federal law. Political signs belong to the candidate, the candidate's committee or the person(s) who have legitimately paid for them. Stealing a political sign is a very serious state and federal offense that can be punished by a large fine or time in jail since the crime covers more than just the intrinsic value of the sign but could also include a violation of a person's constitutional right to freedom of speech. Take a look at the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Not only is the thief committing a crime against the owner of the sign, but if a person has given permission for a sign to placed on their propriety, their rights have also been violated.

I suggest that all candidates talk to their committees and supporters to stop this crime.

Jim Buettner, Payson

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