Su Can Do The Job



Payson, here is your chance to elect a fine woman, Su Connell, to your Payson Town Council. Su is a Paysonite of five years and Executive Director of Rim Country Literacy. Under her leadership, forward thinking, working partner(ship) with various state and county departments, Su has brought Rim Country Literacy to the forefront as a successful, nonprofit, community service needed in your community. I worked with Su for many years and am impressed with her business, professional attitude for carrying out her goals and following through on her commitment to any project she undertakes.

With this forward thinking and optimistic attitude, you need a person of Su's caliber to steer the Payson Town Council in the direction of making decisions that will soundly enhance Payson and serve the residents of this area. You need to vote for Su to bring a solid governing person to guide the future of Payson.

Tired of the "willy nilly" decisions that have come out of the council lately? Then make the right decision -- vote for Su.

Thanks and remember -- Su Can Do!

Kathy Browning, Gold Canyon, Ariz.

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