At Last, We Have A Little Wet Weather



Rain! There was thunder early Wednesday morning that woke me up -- followed by a trace of rain. Granted, it did not amount to much, but a little is better than none at all. Any amount of moisture is most welcome.

Tonto Village Fire District

Last Saturday morning the fireboard held its monthly meeting at the fire station, with a full house attending.

Ron Standage of the Tonto Village Water Company was there and answered water issues in regard to the fire department. Standage spoke on our lack of moisture and how it affects our water supply. He also discussed future plans to move the existing water lines in Tonto Village I and II from the back of the homes to the front. Work will begin sometime in 2007.

The fireboard, Bill Tonstad, Gayle Fitch and Gloria Alliger, approved the purchase of two 5,000-gallon water storage tanks and pumps, to be installed on the back lot of the fire station. Alliger, who is employed by the U.S. Forest Service at the Payson Ranger District, said the present condition of the forest could be compared to July (before the monsoon rains). The forest is now in an extremely dry state. The purchase of the water storage tanks will help the firemen fill the water trucks faster for emergencies.

Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary

Along with the decision to purchase the water storage tanks, the fireboard asked for financial assistance from the auxiliary. The six auxiliary members at the fireboard meeting decided to reschedule the regular meeting from Jan. 31 to Jan. 24, so that a timely decision could be made on the request. Nine auxiliary members attended the specially scheduled meeting, including fireboard member Gayle Fitch. This was the first meeting of the new year. Election of officers was the first item on the agenda. Results were: Linda Stailey, president; Grace Daniel, vice president; Dara Sutton, treasurer; and Janet Snyder, secretary.

Janet Snyder made a motion to change the name "Fire Sirens" to "Fireflies." The motion was approved. In making the motion, Snyder reported she had looked through the album chronicling when the fire station was first built in 1981 and found that the auxiliary was then named "Fireflies," so, she said, she thought it seemed appropriate to change the name back to the original name.

Discussion then turned to the fireboard's request for the auxiliary to help defray the cost of the water storage tanks. The members agreed to give as much as possible, as long as the auxiliary retained enough money for future fund-raisers.

Birthdays, anniversaries, get well

Grace Daniel of Tonto Village III will add another candle to her birthday cake this weekend.

A "Get well" goes out to Ruby Terry of Tonto Village II. She has spent time at Payson Regional Medical Center, and we all wish her a fast recovery. Charlie Clausen of Tonto Village III also needs our prayers to help him through his illness.

Pool Results

Sunday afternoon at the Double D weekly eight-ball tournament, Lorraine "Bo" Mathews shot her best, to beat out the male competition. Joe Ferrera and Bo Douglas shot for second and third places.

Tuesday evening at the Double D nine-ball tournament, Ethel Cain won first place. Second-place winner was Patty Boeschling, and Jessica Fitch took third place.

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