Candidate Another 'Gate Closer'



I just finished reading the Roundup article on mayoral candidate Bob Edwards. Let's see if I get this straight. Mr. Edwards retires and moves to Payson 36 months ago and hooks up with the Payson Town Council "groupies" ... you know, the people who have nothing better to do with their lives than attend council meetings and whine and complain about everything and never doing anything positive for the community. From his association with the "groupies," Mr. Edwards concludes the town employees, town council and the citizens of Payson who elected them all stink, since we do not pass Bob's "smell test."

Edwards goes on to say, "the town should be run so the people create the policy" and that "we'll take our goals and priorities to a town meeting and ask the people what they want." Just what "people" is he talking about? Does he mean the little handful of "groupies" should dictate what the town does? Edwards also states "it's the water." Bob, if you had the slightest inkling about the history of Payson over the last 15 to 20 years, you would know the real issue is "growth" vs. "no-growth."

My goodness ... how has Payson managed to grow and prosper without the likes of Bob Edwards? How have we been able to deal with the complex issues of water, land planning, expanding city services and economic development without this man?

Frankly, I cannot understand why Edwards moved here in the first place; if he finds Payson and its citizens are such a pathetic lot. Why he doesn't pack up his stuff and move back to Michigan or wherever he came from? I am sure he can make a great profit on selling his Rim View Heights home, a residential development that was designed, approved and developed by people with far more vision and insight than he evidently has.

I might also add Rim View Heights and adjoining Elk Ridge were both opposed by a handful of "no-growthers." Think about it, Bob, if people of your mentality had prevailed back then, your house would not even exist today.

Alas, I come to the conclusion that Bob Edwards is just another "gate closer," who has moved into town and now that he has his little piece of the pie, wants to shut it down. He has a very narrow understanding of the history of Payson and its citizens and certainly has no intention of representing the majority of us.

Patrick Willis, Payson

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