Cheers For The Pittsburgh Steelers



Last Sunday was the Super Bowl Playoffs, and I don't know how quiet it was at your place, but it was extremely loud here in Christopher Creek. Maybe you could hear us all the way in Payson.

If you drove past our place in Hunter Creek, you could tell which team we were backing. My husband was so excited that Pittsburgh won; he hung his Steelers sweater on my flagpole out front. It is still hanging there, and I am not sure if he will ever let me take it down -- at least not until the Super Bowl is over. It was an exciting game, and we are looking forward to the Steelers winning the Super Bowl.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are close to the heart of at least one household in Hunter Creek.

The Hunter Creek Homeowners Association had its annual board meeting last Saturday. A few new members were elected to the board, and we would like to welcome them: George Miller, Jarve Sellers and Irv Ingram. We would also like to welcome Rod Aschbrennar as the new member to the architectural committee. Those stepping down are Chuck Salomon and Frank and Mikey Marazza. Please direct all concerns to any of these new members, along with Jim Bayless, who remains on the board.

Don't forget to come to Christopher Creek Wednesday, Feb. 1 to see the 48th ride of the Hashknife Pony Express. They will be riding down the mountain from Holbrook and exchanging mailbags in front of Creekside Restaurant. Come out and meet some of the riders -- several of them will be at the restaurant. Purchase a commemorative mailer and a poster and get some of their autographs.

The 4th Annual Christopher Creek Chili Cook-off is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Landmark. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this event for charity. The price is $2 to sample. Call or see the bartender to sign up your chili, or come by to sample the entries. There will be private box balloting and prizes for first, second and third places.

The Ladies Annual Pajama Party is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 24. It's time to shop for those most outrageous PJs and slippers.

Christopher Creek residents celebrating a birthday in February: Ron Hegenderfer (Feb. 2); Shelly Sundra (Feb.5); Chuck Simpson (Feb. 11); Donnie Hunter (Feb. 13); Betty Lusson (Feb. 17); Dave Lloyd (Feb. 19); Michael Ronn (Feb. 20); Skip Ashby and Marlene Hagen (Feb. 21); Dale Hansen (Feb. 24); and Judy Bradley (Feb. 25).

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