Double Standards In Judiciary



Can somebody please explain to me why it is that Reed Hatch, "suspected" (like nobody saw him do it) of running down a DPS officer in August hasn't been given the same "fair" treatment as the man that brutally killed three members of one family in the same manner? Why is it that Reed Hatch hasn't had his bail reduced and allowed to go to a halfway house? Why are we allowing our judicial system to get away with this double standard?

The disgusting part of this started when Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael Gordon reduced Rigoberto Arrazola's bail and paved the way for him to waltz his way to a halfway house. How many of us really believe if he gets out, he'll show up in court?

Why was any bail set at all in either of these cases is my question?

Neither of these "suspects" needs to be out or have the opportunity to be out of jail. We need to be tougher on DUI "suspects," especially when they're caught in the act. How dare our judges be allowed to set bail, let alone reduce it? These criminals have ruined families' lives, ended people's hopes and dreams and for what? They've ruined their own families' lives as well.

There's so much blame in these instances, but we need to stop the bleeding somewhere. Let's start in the court system. Make criminals responsible for their actions.

Denise Barker, Overgaard

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