Friendliness Gone



What ever happened to the friendly town of Payson?

Before moving here four years ago, my wife and I loved coming here for vacations because it seemed like a friendly little town, now we are not so sure.

It seems like everywhere you turn there is rudeness and short tempers. People do not have the decency to wait for you to back out of a parking space when they are far enough away to simply slow down and wait the two seconds, They shove people who were only trying to help them. The only thing you hear out of anyone's mouth is a complaint.

Payson residents are supposed to be taking life a little slower than in the Valley, but it seems they are just as rushed and rude. I have even had a person pull out of a church parking lot on Sunday, cut me off and flip me the bird.

We, as a town, need to work on our common consideration for our fellow humans. So far, I have seen nothing but rude, cranky, aggressive and offensive behavior from most of the town's folk. This does not mean that all of my encounters are bad, but for a town with such a small population, the number of rude encounters is way too high. I never dealt with this level of hostility in the Valley.

The funny thing is, many may want to attack this letter in the paper (if they actually print it) and that will prove my point. Good people do not attack good advice, love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would have done to you.

Rev. Keith DeCinko, Payson

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