Goose Pierced With Arrow Recovering At Rehab Center


The goose that was found shot through the head with an arrow in Green Valley Park is recovering at Southwest Wildlife with an excellent prognosis for full recovery.

After local Arizona Game and Fish officers Craig McMullen and Dave Daniels waded into the lake to capture the goose, they removed the arrow and took the animal to Rim Country Veterinary Clinic where it was treated by Dr. Lorenzo Gonzales.


After surviving for days with an arrow through its head, Game and Fish officers were able to capture and give aid to this Green Valley Park goose.

"He just checked him when they finally got him, and he took care of him for the night, and then they took him to the rehabilitation facility," a spokesperson for Dr. Gonzales said.

Fortunately the arrow went through the goose's mouth and penetrated the back of its neck.

The incident apparently occurred sometime last weekend, although it's possible that the shooting occurred somewhere other than Green Valley Park since the goose was still able to fly.

With a proper license, game hunting is legal within town limits.

Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Foundation (www. is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization in Scottsdale that has rehabilitated over 1,500 sick, injured or abandoned animals since 1994.

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