Irresponsible Hunters An Outrage



The citizens of Payson should be outraged by the lack of good judgment on the part of a few irresponsible hunters who were using the Canada geese at Green Valley Park for bow and arrow target practice. And we should be just as outraged at the Town of Payson for the lack of regulations that allow this to happen.

A bow and arrow in the hands of irresponsible hunters is just as dangerous as a firearm. All public property needs to be protected from these individuals.

If the Game and Fish Department has the final word on allowing hunting within town limits and they fail to address the issue, then I suggest that the town place restrictions on the weapon being used for hunting within the town limits, in this case, a bow and arrow. An example might be: Yes, you can hunt game within town limits but the bow must have a draw weight of no more than 20 pounds and the arrows must be fitted with target points, not broad heads. Now you have a weapon that would have the impact about equal to a pellet gun without the danger of serious injury to humans or animals.

If one hits a javelina or coyote with these arrows, it would likely not kill them, but they won't be back.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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