Mayor Has Knowledge To Be Real Leader



It is my privilege to endorse Barbara Brewer for mayor of Payson. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Barbara Brewer on many issues that she brought to my attention for the city of Payson. Mayor Brewer has a strong love, devotion, commitment and passion for the people of Payson. Mayor Brewer has the historical knowledge that it takes to be a real leader. There are few that have earned the respect of so many at a state level that Mayor Brewer has. The credibility that Mayor Brewer brings to the city of Payson in all circles, at all levels of government, is a direct reflection on her commitment and hard work on behalf of the city of Payson. The honesty, integrity, straightforward approach that Mayor Brewer brings to the work she does is a breath of fresh air.

Debra Brimhall, Former State Representative

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